Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to participate in I CAN! of Arkansas programs?

I CAN! of Arkansas programs are offered free of charge to individuals with special needs and their families, as well as “Buddy” volunteers and their families.

My child does not have a diagnosis.  Can he or she still participate?

I CAN! of Arkansas serves any family that feels their loved one with special needs can benefit from our programs.  Individuals pending diagnosis are more than welcome to attend.

Are children with any kind of disability or special needs allowed to participate in I CAN! of Arkansas programs?

Yes.  Participants in I CAN! of Arkansas programs exhibit physical, developmental, or other disabilities that may be present from birth or develop later in life, as a result of injury or illness.

How old does a person have to be to participate in the programs?

Dance, art, music are offered for children with special needs from ages 4    through adult.  Children ages nine through 17 without special needs may volunteer as buddies to assist in these programs.

Adult and family programs are available for individuals 18 and older with special needs.

How often and how long are classes?

Programs are offered in Spring, Fall and Winter semesters, as well as a Summer Samples.  Programs may run four to ten weeks depending on the activity.  Classes occur weekly during the semester and last approximately 45 minutes.

Can siblings of children with special needs participate in the programs?

We encourage siblings ages nine through adult to participate as “Buddies” in the programs.  I CAN! Arts and Resource Center has a larger foyer area with a limited number of toys available for siblings younger than nine, and the center has beautiful grounds for outdoor play.

Where are the programs offered?

I Can! Dance, tumbling, art, cooking and social group meetings take place at I CAN! Arts & Resource Center at 1040 Angel Court, Little Rock, Arkansas 72206. Satellite dance classes are offered in Conway, Benton, Arkadelphia, Jonesboro, Garland County, and Central Arkansas. We hope to further expand our program locations, as children with special needs everywhere deserve a chance to explore their abilities like any other child.

Is I CAN! Arts and Resource Center available to rent for special occasions?

Yes, please contact us at ican@icanarkansas to reserve the center.  The cost is based on a four-hour minimum and must not interfere with I CAN! of Arkansas scheduled programs.  Please click here to see rental information.

I CAN! Arts Resource Center Rental Agreement

I CAN! Arts Resource Center Rental Pricing

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