Become a Volunteer

At I CAN! of Arkansas we are always looking for dedicated volunteers.  Volunteer support is critical to our success and we strive to provide volunteers with a meaningful and fulfilling experience.  We have a variety of volunteer opportunities including preparing care packages for hospital stays, organizing collection drives, assisting with fundraising and events, building and grounds upkeep/projects and numerous other special projects.

Become a Buddy

We also offer a unique opportunity for children to volunteer.  Any child between the ages of 9 and 18 may volunteer to be a “Buddy” to a child with special needs.  We need buddies to assist children participating in our extracurricular activities.  A buddy in dance class might assist a child in a wheelchair by pushing the wheelchair while the child with special needs performs dance moves with her arms.  A buddy in art class might help a child with autism by redirecting his attention to the instructor or project at hand.  Buddies do attend a brief workshop to give them insight into some of the special needs they might encounter.  Buddies may also send a “Get Well” or “Missing You” card to the child with special needs if he or she were to miss a class.  Extracurricular programs run four weeks to ten weeks depending on the type of activity.

To volunteer to be a buddy, please go to our classes (click here) page and scroll to the location that works best for you and sign up there.

Meet The Need

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Businesses and Organizations

I CAN! of Arkansas has numerous opportunities throughout the year for groups, large and small, to volunteer.  If an organization you are affiliated with is looking for an opportunity for a one-time or ongoing project, please contact I CAN! of Arkansas at ican@icanarkansas.

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